Does your job entail delivering tests, quizzes, exams or assignments?
Do you wish that repetitive tasks could be minimised and the experience is more fun?
Do you wish that you could choose question items more intelligently to ensure that assessment objectives are realised?
Do you wish that you had actionable insights after every assessment in order to improve outcomes?

If these are your challenges, we would like to speak with you and explore how we can help you onboard for our beta program.

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Are you a subject matter expert in any domain?
Can you use your expertise to create assessments that will help companies hire the talent they need?
Can you design practice tests for learners to succeed in competitive exams?
Can you create question banks that will help working professionals prepare better for certification exams?

If you can help with any of the above needs we may have a business proposition to discuss with you.

Yes, I’m in!
I am excited to explore an association with Scora Labs.
  • My job entails creating and managing tests
  • I am a Subject Matter Expert interested in creating assessments
  • I would like to register for the beta program