About us

Our vision is to democratise assessments.

We are working hard to empower an ecosystem to adapt to the changing world of learning measurement.

Our Story

Knowledge and skills have a much shorter shelf life today as the competency and capability needs of the 21st-century world are rapidly evolving. Periodic assessment of skills has become a necessity for working professionals, just to stay in the game. To keep up with such unprecedented change, the digital transformation of assessments is imperative as it affords greater flexibility and scalability to those who design, create, and deliver purposeful assessments. The potential of technology is only realised when it levels the playing field for all stakeholders. It is about time the assessment world rebooted itself to offer greater choice, easier access, and superior experience to the players in the ecosystem. A recognition of this shift has inspired us to build SCORA® as a cloud-based, self-service, SaaS platform to benefit those who care about their assessments and empower them with efficient technology for an enhanced experience and improved outcomes. If you wish to learn more about our story, please click here.

Our Logo

Text editors and web pages define a ‘charset’ (character set) which helps systems interpret unique characters. If the page contains characters unique to the charset or if the encoding is incorrect, the characters may not be displayed properly. Browsers and word processors may display an unrecognised character as a question mark set inside a black diamond – a ‘replacement’ character. This symbol is the design inspiration for our logo. The question mark morphs into a glowing bulb illustrating learning. The gradation of light suggests the platform’s digital nature as also the actionable intelligence that SCORA® offers its users. The navy-blue colour in the logo symbolises knowledge, wisdom and focus. The hues of orange represent warmth, quality and change.

Our Mission

“At Scora Labs, we are committed to creating a next-generation, collaborative learning assessment ecosystem to measure and enhance knowledge, skills, and abilities of learners”

Our Values

Scora Labs is founded by professionals with rich experience in assessment and learning technologies. We are guided by a culture of responsibility and excellence as we work towards our mission. Our culture is defined by the core values that we have identified as important to us.


We care about ensuring the success of our users by serving their evolving needs.


We value our people and take pride in their development and growth.


We are passionate about delivering a well-designed assessment platform.