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Universality, security, and scalability form the bedrock of our technology choices, which include:

A growing list of Item Types.

Research tells us that you need different item types for measurement of knowledge and skills. Some assessments need constructued responses while others can do with selected responses. A combination of these will ensure better evaluation. SCORA® offers you power-packed Item Types to help you get the most out of your assessments.


Ask participants to construct their responses by recording their video, audio, or typing text.

File Upload

Publish assignments or case studies and ask participants to upload their files for evaluation.


Create both single and multiple correct answer items with up to eight options and learner feedback.


Multiple avatars of True/False questions give you the flexibility to frame questions suitably.


Images, video, and audio bring matching questions to life, making them more engaging.


Create multiple questions based on a passage or video in the stem to assess comprehension skills.

Multimedia Elements

Create engaging questions, answer options and learning support elements using images, video or audio.

Use math and chemistry editors to include symbols, formulae and equations in STEM subjects.


Add and format text in multiple languages.


Add Images in question and answer blocks.


Add row and column headers. Include keywords.


Create bulleted or numbered lists as needed.


Directly record your voice or video into the question or answer blocks.


Upload audio clips in question and answer blocks.


Upload video clips in question and answer blocks.

Chemical Equations

Use chem editor to add elements, reactions and equations.

Math Formulas

Add symbols and equations for your Math and Physics items.


Add symbols and Greek characters for STEM topics.

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