It takes a village to raise a child!

This is a story about how a small idea metamorphosed into a living organism.

L S Venkatesh

Scora Labs Pvt Ltd
Published on 2 Dec 2023

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I grew up listening to an age-old Tamil adage – ‘Kalyanam panni paar; veedu katti paar’– plan a wedding or construct a house (to experience life’s real challenges). Clearly, building software platforms were not in the popular imagination then!


I have spent all my working life introducing world-class edtech products to institutions and enterprises to aid them in research, teaching and learning. I realised early on that technology was the ONLY lever to deliver learning at web-scale in the 21st century. The promise of empowering thousands of individuals, institutions, and businesses with enterprise-class software was too compelling to ignore. I decided to put my experience in the field and build a technology platform that could democratise assessments and transform learning.

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I chose ‘assessments of, for and as learning’ as large-scale digital transformation has eluded this space. Big businesses and institutions could afford legacy systems and the costs associated with implementing them. The enterprising ones were getting by with a potpourri of ‘free’ technologies and content, notwithstanding the latent deficiencies in this approach. The seeds of SCORA® were thus sown with a resolve to address problems of efficiency and choice in publishing science-driven assessments and putting such a platform in the hands of all those who could benefit from it.

The Challenge

The challenge, of course, was to design and build a simple, scalable, yet affordable platform that would eventually have an ecosystem play. I have never compiled a line of code in my life, and the irony of this was not lost on me. The pandemic-induced dynamics and a host of hurdles facing bootstrapped start-ups had to be overcome.

The words ‘software develop panni paar’ kept echoing in my ears! But then, I had signed up for a marathon! Eventually, the stars would align themselves. The labour of love manifested in a beautiful piece of software, feature-rich yet easy-to-use SaaS, that would compound the efficiencies of users.

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Road Ahead

Unstinted support from family and friends during this journey made it possible to bring SCORA® to life! I am sure that there will be many more who will cross paths with us as we stay the course and nurture SCORA® to realise its potential. It does take a village to raise a child! I invite you to join us on this journey to democratise tests and assessments.

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