Pre-hire Assessments

Use a science-based approach and tailor your assessments to hire the right talent for your organisation with our cutting-edge talent assessment tool.

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Hiring managers need to be judicious about the composition of assessments to draw reasonably accurate conclusions about the knowledge, skills, and abilities of potential employees in relation to job role requirements.

Unique DNA

In today’s globalised, dynamic world, hiring the right talent is key to the success of any organisation. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution in pre-employment assessments. Each organisation has its unique requirements based on its DNA. Assessing applicants assumes significance as poor hiring decisions can hurt organisations, especially SMEs

SCORA® is a unique talent assessment tool that transforms the pre-hire assessment landscape by offering a science-based approach to talent acquisition. Employers can conduct comprehensive assessments tailored to specific job roles, ensuring accurate evaluations of candidates' knowledge, skills, and abilities, resulting in better hiring decisions.

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Relevant Question Items

Developing the right question bank is the first step in ensuring purposeful tests. Assigning tags such as Bloom’s taxonomy, difficulty levels, category, etc., facilitates selection of appropriate items for the test bank and get meaningful post-test insights. You can go beyond multiple choice questions and include case studies or assignments to assess candidates. This is one of the many features our talent assessment tool offers to help you hire better.

Content Development

We can engage with Subject Matter Experts and develop question banks that will fulfill your unique assessment objectives and conform to validity and reliability standards.

Easy Administration

With Scora Admin™ test blueprints can be designed to determine the composition of items, test duration, scores etc. Once created, blueprints can be re-used and modified easily. With a host of configurable settings, you can publish tests as per your needs and schedule them for participant groups.

Actionable Insights

Scora Insights™ will provide all the analytics you would need on candidates’ competencies, strengths, weaknesses, and other parameters and make informed decisions. Skill gaps of potential employees can be learned and suitable interventions can be designed to make them job-ready. Item analysis can help drive decisions on questions and test composition to improve hiring outcomes in the future.

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Training and Test Prep

Practice, practice, practice . . . that’s the mantra for success in credentialing and competitive exams. A platform that helps you manage repetitive tasks efficiently will allow you to scale and serve more learners.

If you are in training or coaching, preparing learners for job-oriented skills, professional certifications, and competitive or academic exams, assessments are an integral and imperative part of the process.

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