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Practice, practice, practice . . . that’s the mantra for success in credentialing and competitive exams. A platform that helps you manage repetitive tasks efficiently will allow you to scale and serve more learners.

Scaling Test Prep

If you are in training or coaching, preparing learners for job-oriented skills, professional certifications, and competitive or academic exams, assessments are an integral and imperative part of the process. If your tests and assignments are well designed and you can provide just-in-time learning support, your learners will have a greater chance of acquiring the required competencies.

Trying to achieve all this with a battery of ‘free’ software may not be efficient; resource utilisation is not optimal and there are hidden costs that you don’t see.

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Quality Item Banks

Scora Author™ will help you create a variety of question items in languages of your choice and build quality item banks, which will be the cornerstone of your assessments. Whether it is simple MCQs or open book exams requiring a variety of files to be uploaded for evaluation by an Examiner, SCORA® will meet your requirements. Providing depth as well as breadth in practice tests and mock exams will prepare your learners better, helping them face their exams with greater confidence.

Just-in-time Learning Support

SCORA® uses evidence-centred design principles to offer a variety of learning support components to learners during practice tests. Hints, explanations, examples, breaking-down questions, rephrasing questions, and teach-me videos can all be offered to learners. Multiple attempts can be configured and performance analysed. Data-driven interventions can be planned to help the learner succeed.

Re-usable Blueprints

Scora Admin™ is designed to make your Test Banking process easy and efficient. You can create Blueprints for various prep tests and mock exams based on the credentialing exam. You can intelligently pick questions based on a variety of attributes including subject, topic, Bloom’s taxonomy, item type, and difficulty level. Test Banks can be re-used to schedule tests for different cohorts at different points in time, without having to go through the whole process all over again.

Pro-active Insights

Sharing critical information with learners about their current proficiency levels in various topics, areas of strengths and weaknesses will create the right awareness and help them manage their preparatory time better and focus on what really matters. We will build the required insights for you based on your needs using our powerful analytics engine. This will result in adding value to your learners’ preparation and ensure their success.

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Pre-hire Assessments

Use a science-based approach and tailor your assessments to hire the right talent for various positions within your organisation.

Unique DNA

In today’s globalised, dynamic world, hiring the right talent is key to the success of any organization. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution in pre-employment assessments. Each organisation has its unique requirements based on its DNA.

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